Alignment to Strategy

Each m/Oppenheim executive search delivers:

A process aligned to your constituents and strategy…

From the outset, our process is guided by a textured understanding of the different challenges that a new leader will be expected to successfully navigate.  We ask, “What constitutes success for this candidate in the first 18 months, and in 3-5 years?”  Your vision guides development of our source lists, and also helps us engage different experts in the field who contribute nominations to the search.  Interviews with candidates then reveal candidate strengths and competencies, stylistic attributes and weaknesses in the context of your needs and your future trajectory.

Our process also encourages consensus within organizations and their boards on the type of journey that will lead to success over the next years.  As the vision for the future becomes clearer it can be tested against the qualities of different candidates. For their part, candidates can determine whether their ideas, passions and ambitions are in alignment with those of an organization’s board and executive leadership.  The process itself is an exercise in visioning, planning, change management and organizational development as boards and executives review exceptional, accomplished leadership alternatives.

Exhaustive sourcing of diverse networks…

Our networks include an extraordinary range of leaders with diverse competencies and backgrounds. We provide on-going support to these individuals as they advance in their careers, strengthen their organizations and serve their constituents, and we are always grateful for their nominations and other suggestions rendered in the course of a search.

Our network also includes individual and institutional funders; business leaders who serve, support and collaborate with nonprofits; board members who have their own extensive networks; and public sector leaders from across the political landscape. These networks are continually refreshed through consistent outreach and sourcing by our consultants and through independent research conducted by our staff.

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