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How does your org define success? How do you make the leadership team stronger? What are your resources & constraints? m/Oppenheim delivers leadership options for YOUR journey, YOUR organization, YOUR constituents.


m/Oppenheim invests more than any other search firm in understanding the nuances of nonprofit leadership. Candidates are compared based on tradeoffs, track record, and how each might influence your org’s future.


mOppenheim delivers leadership options and insider intel that others do not. m/Oppenheim people and networks provide unique insight into recognized leaders and NextGen innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Recently Completed Searches

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Museum
Managing Director of Advancement

Alaska Public Media
Chief Executive Officer & General Manager

Albertina Kerr Center
Chief Executive Officer

Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology
Vice President of Technology

Executive Director

Author’s Guild
Managing Director

Children’s Health Council
Director of Advancement

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Director of Museums
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Development

Fractured Atlas
Vice President of External Affairs

Frye Art Museum

Glide Foundation
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Development
Director of Workforce Development

Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund
Chief Philanthropy Officer

John F. Kennedy Library Foundation
Executive Director

Las Vegas Children’s Discovery Museum
Executive Director

National Energy & Utility Affordability Consortium
Executive Director

Palo Alto University

Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History & Culture
Executive Director

Respite & Research for Alzheimer’s Disease
Executive Director

Virginia Stage Company
Producing Artistic Director

Wikimedia Foundation
Chief Community Officer
Chief of Finance and Administration
Chief Global Development Officer
Chief Talent and Culture Officer
Director of Community Operations
Director of Features Engineering
Director, Global Learning and Grantmaking
Director of Human Resources
Director of Technical Operations
Fund Dissemination Committee Senior Program Officer
General Counsel

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