We Serve Nonprofit Leaders in:

Arts, Media & Culture

Our lives are enriched by art, and our clients include museums, arts presenters, symphonies, ballets, science and natural history organizations, media organizations, cultural institutions and foundations that fund the sector. All share a sense of purpose: to share with our fellow human beings the human joy of creation springing from the soul, heart and mind. We understand the unique challenges faced by organizations whose programs defy neat measures of success and that face decreased public funding. We understand the quandary of creators who are also dependent on an ability to balance earned and contributed income streams. And we understand the constant tension between the commercial, the ground-breaking and the intrinsically worthwhile.


Access to a high-quality education, from pre-school to post-secondary, is critical to our future – indeed it is critical to the future of our world.  Our clients work to improve pre-school care and education.  They continually upgrade K-12 programs, helping to fund educational policy work and professional education for teachers. They struggle to increase access to higher education for children and youth without means. They provide adult education to allow people to retrain and to become more productive for their families and communities, and drive higher education through private and public universities, colleges and community colleges. We seek leaders who understand the unique character of the education mission, and the special constituencies that support our schools and institutions.

Environment & Conservation

Environmental organizations around the corner and across the globe work toward a healthier planet. Our clients preserve biodiversity, develop environmental standards, conserve land and natural resources, advocate for environmental protections, preserve heritage sites, protect wildlife, control pollution, and promote research and education.  We understand the unique challenges and needs of each environmental organization we serve, including its mission, programs, people, supporters, funding streams and operating environment. From vision to policy to operations—we work with you to develop the team you need.

Foundations, Institutes and Associations

Working internationally, nationally, regionally and locally, our clients support the arts, education, scientific research, health, community endeavors, human rights, social justice, education and a host of other causes.  We serve family, corporate, private and community foundations from across the philanthropic spectrum; and associations and institutes that act as information clearing houses, drive beneficial research and support changes in public policy. Advancing and sharing knowledge enables us to in turn advance the human condition.  We help our clients find leaders who shape the vision of visionaries, and who enable organizations to transform vision into reality.

Justice, Health & Human Services

Our clients fight for social justice and civil liberties; the right to clean water, proper sanitation and good healthcare; for education and freedom of expression; for economic freedoms that can lead to the eradication of poverty; for children and the elderly; and for the forgotten and disenfranchised.  We understand the importance of efficient operations to nonprofits that seek to provide the very best services to clients, patients and constituents.

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