Alaska Public Media

Anchorage, AK


m/Oppenheim Associates is assisting Alaska Public Media (AKPM) one of North America’s most respected public media organizations in the search for a new Chief Executive Officer and General Manager to continually enhance programming and services, connect Alaskans to the greater nonprofit media world, and connect the world to Alaska with compelling content produced by media professionals from around the state. For more information, please review the complete Position Description.

With a proud 40 year history, Alaska Public Media and its affiliates produce and deliver content that reaches up to 96% of Alaska’s population of 740,000, with AKPM itself focused on directly serving constituents located throughout greater Anchorage and South Central Alaska. The organization has an operating budget of just under $6m, 40 staff, 26 independent affiliates throughout the state, over 8,000 members, 250 volunteers, and a broad range of partners throughout the state.

The CEO will be located in Anchorage and be responsible for keeping Alaska Public Media financially strong while delivering best-in-class media services across the distribution platforms of AM and FM radio, television, the internet (in streaming, podcast and other formats), and via social media. She or he will be an innovative entrepreneur who is excited by the challenge of serving both an urban and rural widely disbursed population that is incredibly diverse culturally, ethnically and in other respects.

The CEO must be a person that embraces measured risk-taking, a leader who engages talent throughout Alaska to develop compelling content for Alaska’s citizens, communities, visitors, businesses, nonprofits and government constituents. Above all, the CEO must be a leader in a state of leaders, a person energized by challenge and opportunity who is dedicated to the highest journalistic standards. AKPM is THE trusted source for news, information and entertainment programming in Alaska, and the new CEO will ensure that Alaska Public Media continues to play that role in an increasingly interconnected and global era.

For additional information or to apply please contact Mark Oppenheim, Lee Kappelman or Steven Oppenheim at info [at] moppenheim [dot] com.

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