Director of Philanthropic Investment

Burning Man is in the search for its next Director of Philanthropic Investment. Please click to view the full position description or to nominate/apply.

This Director will report to the CEO and engage visionaries who fund new civil society ideas, art and change-maker gatherings. Investors will financially strengthen Burning Man’s events, initiatives, infrastructure, collaborations and global outreach in ways that are consistent with the organization’s principles.

Since its founding in 1986, The Burning Man Project has invited the world to reinvent civil society with a focus on 10 Principles that challenge generally accepted conventions of modern societies and facilitate collaborative reinvention. Each year at the end of August, 80,000 inventors, artists, futurists, makers, thinkers, experimenters, storytellers and participants come together in the Nevada desert to design, build, temporarily inhabit and then remove Black Rock City, a wildly imaginative temporary metropolis that functions as a demonstration platform, showcase and proof of concept for new ways of being. Participants annually attend from throughout the USA and dozens of countries, and the resonance of Burning Man affects millions of people around the world.

Burning Man programs, including Black Rock City, are laboratories and experimental sandboxes. Every facet and cultural attribute of Burning Man is shaped to protect and advance inventiveness, collaborative effort, irreverence, and challenge convention so that people are free to play, create and reconsider. Burning Man’s leadership preserves a balance that respects egalitarian principles yet has room for driven opinionated people, that encourages consensus and collaboration yet preserves individual and idiosyncratic voice. To support an ecosystem that culminates in the annual Black Rock City event, Burning Man’s $70M budget supports 160 year-round staff and an ever-evolving community of artists, inventors and storytellers. To ensure operating resilience the organization must strengthen its infrastructure. To expand Burning Man’s footprint beyond the Nevada desert to a global audience and beyond in-person attendance, the organization must develop additional ways to engage the community and encourage energized year-round interactions in the spirit of Burning Man.

We appreciate you sharing the position description with your network, and also any nominations you might have.

For additional information or to apply, please contact Kevin Redick, Oscar Quiros, or Mark Oppenheim at info[at]moppenheim[dot]com.