Canine Companions for Independence has selected Paul Mundell as the new Chief Executive Officer.

We are pleased to announce that Canine Companions for Independence has appointed Paul Mundell as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Mundell joined Canine Companions in 1989 as an instructor in the Northeast Region, and held successive positions in the Northeast before assuming the role of National Director of Canine Programs at the Santa Rosa headquarters in 1997. As an internationally recognized authority in the field of canine genetics and behavior, Mundell has developed productive partnerships with a variety of organizations that are important to CCI and its constituents, including with: The Duke University Canine Cognition Center, Eukanuba Dog Foods, The Buck Institute, Emory University, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M University, the United States Marine Corps and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Mundell was elected onto the Assistance Dogs International Board and will serve as the President of the North American region.

Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) is a non-profit organization that provides highly-trained dogs to people living with disabilities, and promotes an independent lifestyle and loving companionship. Through an advanced selection and breeding process, the organization provides four types of trained dogs: Service Dogs, Skilled Companions, Hearing Dogs, and Facility Dogs. CCI is headquartered in Santa Rosa and is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs.

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