Explaining m/Oppenheim: Diversity

We’ve been told that we should do a better job articulating how our approach to diversity works in practice, so here goes:

First of all, diversity is about diversity… not just about one aspect of diversity.  Our approach is comprehensive and does not deal with diversity as if it were a topic that is separate from other aspects of search execution excellence.

Second, for any search that we conduct, we tap into both mainstream and nontraditional networks to produce exceptional candidates. In doing so, we place a strong emphasis on diversity of all types, including people of different or no religious affiliation, and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, race, gender, sexual orientation, and age who are appropriately credentialed with a combination of style, experience and skill to indicate that they will be successful in the role contemplated. We are fully committed to helping organizations use the search process to derive the benefits that diversity brings, and to assisting Search Committees, boards and executives to navigate this complex terrain.

Third, we work especially hard to challenge our clients to think beyond their starting assumptions about “ideal models” of candidates, and we develop candidate slates that represent experientially diverse options with track records demonstrating success delivered under different circumstances. We do this, of course, without overlooking the programmatic expertise, major fundraising, visibility building, strategic management and operational experience required of today’s nonprofit executives. By considering alternative profiles of accomplished candidates, we offer a superior range of choices that derives from an exhaustive survey of the talent pool offered by the market at that particular point in time.

Fourth, we advise Boards and professional management teams to look around the table and consider whether all strategically and tactically useful perspectives and skills are represented. Recruiting for gaps can be powerful. Diversity is not about skin color, age, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation; it’s also not about avoiding all that in today’s interconnected world with evolving demographic realities and community sensibilities.

In the end, nonprofits and businesses alike are about shaping great services, products and experiences for people, and “people” are not all the same. With a focus on the results delivered by candidates throughout their careers, our process thinks beyond “the same.” We include yet systematically search beyond the same career paths, the same sensibilities, the same candidate profile.

This is why we surface so many interesting choices for Search Committees to consider.

What do you think?  And can you help us improve?


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