Explaining m/Oppenheim: Why we publicize the work of nonprofits.

Since our founding, m/Oppenheim has taken a comprehensive and multi-pronged marketing approach when conducting each search.  We explain our approach here in the hope that other search firms will copy it and invest in the sector as we do.

In every search we expend huge effort in direct outreach to prospective candidates, but we do not stop there.  In contrast to other firms we also raise positive awareness and support for the organization, its staff, leadership, board, partners, products and services… and we do this across a very broad group of influencers, funders, and other leaders.

This produces new and knowledgeable advocates for the search, while fostering more interesting nominations from people who might otherwise remain disinterested bystanders. Our penetrating marketing approach positively engages others in support of our clients in ways that can not always be anticipated, so that the search concludes with the organization and its new leader optimally positioned for success with very influential constituencies.  This helps everyone involved.

Our nefarious plan is to strengthen nonprofits and the nonprofit ecosystem as a whole, and this mission finds expression through our search process and in many other ways.  Since 2009, for example, we have invested in a series of videos on nonprofit organizations and leaders as an extension of our search work. The objective of this program is three fold: to constantly deepen our own exposure to new thought-leadership (and thought-leaders) across various nonprofit sectors; enable others to benefit from the knowledge and work of colleagues leading diverse nonprofits; and improve public awareness and appreciation of nonprofit organizations and leaders. This investment broadens our knowledge and networks, and is consistent with our mission to strengthen nonprofits and nonprofit careers.  Perhaps most importantly, the resulting videos are used by clients to help drive awareness and funding support for their mission.

In our social-media savvy world, communicating the joy and benefits of your work for nonprofits is a critical part of engaging others in your success.  And in the process of engaging others, we learn a lot that we bring back to Search Committees, Boards and chief executives. 

In short, publicizing and marketing the work of nonprofits is part of our abiding commitment to the sector.

What do you think?  And can you help us improve?


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