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Sonoma, CA

Chief Executive Officer

Hanna seeks an experienced Chief Executive Officer. Please click to view the full position description or to nominate/apply.

Founded 75 years ago in 1945, Hanna has provided residency-based programs to generations of youth in the North San Francisco Bay region and beyond. The organization is widely credited with having had a tremendously positive, indeed transformative, impact on the lives of generation of young people in need as they have transitioned to adulthood. In recent years there have also been operating and financial challenges.

Led by a determined Board, Hanna has taken strong, decisive corrective action in the form of personnel changes, introduction of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) approaches, changes to discipline protocols, stronger oversight of program directors and educators, closer management of finances, and significant upgrades to fundraising. Such changes remain a work in process, and could include expansion of services and support to youth in ways that align to the core mission. On the financial front, Hanna has a committed donor base and a substantial endowment.

Hanna is governed and financially stewarded by a 15 member Board of Trustees, which benefits from advisory support of a ­33 member Board of Regents. One hundred regular full-time staff are organized into direct service units (residence, education, clinical and spiritual) and support units (finance, fundraising, admissions). Legacy residential program can serve over 80 students, and The Hanna Institute’s community outreach programs have served thousands of children and families. The 2019 operating budget was about $16m of which 62% came from an endowment draw and 38% from a combination of Development, Major Gifts, Bequests, Events and tuition. To date, the organization has taken no funding from government entities.

The new CEO will continue to improve on the organization’s financial strength while upgrading services provided to youth transitioning to adulthood. The CEO’s key objectives are to help Hanna continue to:

  • diversify revenue streams, contain costs and increase Hanna’s financial strength;
  • enrich a suite of trauma-informed programs for youth transitioning to adulthood;
  • partner and share knowledge with other youth service providers; and
  • deliver quality programs and facilities that are secure and trusted.

We appreciate your sharing the position description with your network, and also any nominations you might have.

For additional information or to apply, please contact Kevin Redick or Mark Oppenheim at info[at]moppenheim[dot]com.

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