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Artistic Director

Monterey Jazz Festival (MJF) is seeking its next Artistic Director. Please click to view the full position description or to nominate/apply. We appreciate your support for this extraordinary organization.

For 65 years MJF has featured jazz royalty, played a seminal role in the careers of jazz artists, and driven audience embrace of jazz and associated musical genres.   This visionary jazz presenting and producing professional will:

  • Program Monterey Jazz Festival as the world’s premier festival of jazz and related music, in the process engaging a stellar array of international artists in live performance;
  • Shape year-around jazz programs delivered by artists, curators and educators using the extensive archives and other assets of the Monterey Jazz Festival as resources; and
  • Extend the Monterey Jazz Festival vibe to year-around indoor and outdoor performances in Monterey and internationally under the Monterey Jazz Festival brand.

With an emphasis on both the festival and a 365-day-a-year experience of jazz, the Artistic Director: must be trusted by jazz artists, artist reps, recording labels, media, influencers, educators and audiences; will be an experienced jazz presenter, producer and promoter; and must have a keen grasp of in-person and online audience engagement.

We appreciate you sharing the position description with your network, and also any nominations you might have. More information on Monterey County can be found here.

For additional information or to apply, please contact Lee Kappelman, Oscar Quiros, Kevin Redick or Mark Oppenheim at info[at]moppenheim[dot]com

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