mOppenheim.TV Kickstarter Initiative

We are pleased to announce that we have released a Kickstarter Partnership that will help fund the filming of 6 videos for three great San Francisco nonprofits: Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, Juma Ventures, and The Trust for Public Land. 

The objective of these videos is to drive public awareness of the work of these wonderful organizations, their staff, boards, volunteers and constituents.

With your support, we can help spread the word about the invaluable work of nonprofits and the benefits they bring to Bay Area residents. While the funding spotlight in the San Francisco Bay Area has focused primarily on the tech and start-up industries, it is important that we also continue to support the diversity and accomplishments of the nonprofits that make this city so unique.

By supporting this Kickstarter project you will be helping these organizations engage the vulnerable communities in dire need of their services, as well as the individual donors who empower them to achieve their missions.

Please help us reach our goal of $10,500 australian mobile casinos to film these videos by visiting our Kickstarter profile and donating. Remember every dollar counts!