Arizona State University / Global Institute of Sustainability names Connie Eggert as Director of Development.

We are pleased to announce that The Arizona State University Global Institute of Sustainability, has named Connie Eggert as the new Director of Development.

Accepting this new role at ASU as a unique opportunity to build on a strong foundation to extend the reach and impact of the Institute, Ms. Eggert will apply 18 years of experience in non-profit philanthropy and 11 years in corporate marketing, successful management of both a $200 million and a $60 million campus-wide fundraising campaign, a campus name change/rebranding effort, the strategic planning process for four organizations, a line of cash management banking services, and the world’s leading EDI telecommunications service.

Most recently, Ms. Eggert was Director of Philanthropy and Marketing for The Nature Conservancy in Arizona where she worked to leverage their science and partnerships to influence policies, practices, and places to create a more sustainable state, nation and planet. She was also on the team crafting an upcoming $4 billion global campaign. Prior to this role, Ms. Eggert spent 16 years at two University of Missouri campuses, most recently as Vice Chancellor of Advancement for the engineering campus in Rolla, serving as a change-agent and catalyst through two campaigns, a re-branding effort and a university restructuring. Connie finds great reward as an adjunct graduate school marketing professor.

Founded in 2004 as a special initiative of ASU President Michael Crow, the Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS) charter is to advance research, education, business practices and global partnerships to create a more sustainable world and is at the leading edge of President Crow’s vision of the New American University. By positioning ASU to globally address sustainability challenges in the fields of energy, logistics, health and urban renewal, GIOS encourages academic entrepreneurship and innovation. By leading both in terms of academic research and the development of cross-cutting solutions to local, national and global sustainability challenges, ASU has become an example of how public universities will enable America to strengthen our position as the world’s unquestioned education and innovation leader.

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