Wiki Education Foundation

San Francisco, CA


m/Oppenheim Associates is assisting the Wiki Education Foundation in recruiting a hands-on development professional to help create a sustainable funding base for this young nonprofit organization. For more information please review the complete Position Description.

Located in the Presidio in San Francisco, the Wiki Education Foundation (Wiki Ed) serves as the bridge between Academia and Wikipedia. Formed in 2013 as the education program spin-off of the Wikimedia Foundation (the organization that operates Wikipedia), Wiki Ed runs programs that seek to build connections between universities and Wikipedia, and more than 300 university instructors participating in the program have assigned students to contribute course-related content to Wikipedia. Students gain key 21st century skills including media literacy, writing and research development, and critical thinking, while content gaps on Wikipedia in areas such as medicine, psychology, sociology and others are filled as a result of students’ contributions.

Wiki Ed seeks to expand the number of universities and teachers that incorporate this method of teaching as part of their overall curriculum. To support activities, new pilot programs and scalability going forward, Wiki Ed must create a sustainable base of funding. To this end, they need to cultivate relationships with individuals and foundations that have an interest in advancing knowledge, knowledge sharing, pedagogy, and learning.

As the individual focused on developing sustainable support for Wiki Ed, the Senior Manager will report to and work most closely with the Executive Director to drive fundraising efforts, but will also collaborate with the program staff to ensure that current and future programs are sufficiently resourced. Succeeding in this environment will require a hands-on approach to connecting with a broad array of donors – primarily grant making foundations and individuals – a dealmaker’s creativity and speed, and a passion for Wiki Ed’s mission so that the value of programs, initiatives and successes can be clearly conveyed to broad audiences. 

To learn more, please contact Lisa Grossman at info [at] moppenheim [dot] com.

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